ATS Pro Terra Sancta

ATS Pro Terra Sancta

ATS pro Terra Sancta (Holy Land Association) is the non–profit, Non-governmental Organization (NGO) of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land. The President of ATS is the Custos of the Holy Land. ATS has its legal seat in Rome and an operational office in Jerusalem.
ATS promotes and coordinates activities for international solidarity and cooperation for development in all the areas of the Middle East where the Custody of the Holy Land is present (Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, and Rhodes), in support of the various realities of the Custody: convents, parishes, schools, houses and flats, social and cultural initiatives, archaeological parks, and museums.

The mission of ATS pro Terra Sancta is to serve the Custody of the Holy Land in its special calling of protecting and enhancing the Holy Places cherished by Christians, supporting the Christian presence in the Middle East, and promoting peace and dialogue.
The Franciscans, in fact, are actively engaged in many different sectors and carry out numerous social, educational, scientific, cultural and charitable initiatives in support of Christian communities and the most disadvantaged members of society in general.

These activities have always been accomplished by relying on the generosity and charity of the international Christian community and thanks to the contributions of occasional donors. ATS pro Terra Sancta supports the Custody’s activities by implementing identified projects in cooperation with institutional partners, both public and private; its services include promotion, fund raising, accounting, financial planning and control, and evaluation.

The main intervention areas of ATS are:
Memory and Culture- Holy Sites
Conserving and promoting sanctuaries and archaeological sites, supporting studies of early Christianity and Biblical research, taking care of archives and museum, writing and publishing.

Emergency, Education, Development
Providing emergency relief, alleviating social hardships, supporting minorities, caring for the elderly, providing support in cases of illness, assisting with housing needs, resolving conflicts in the Holy Places in the Holy Land.

ATS offers concerned donors the opportunity to collaborate in the Custody’s calling to preserve Christian tradition and memory by supporting projects that powerfully communicate the experience of the Christian event.

The website of ATS pro Terra Sancta is

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