Orthodox Christmas schedule

Christmas schedule of the orthodox churches

"They were overjoyed at seeing the star, and on entering the house they saw the child with Mary his mother. They prostrated themselves and did him homage. Then they opened their treasures and offered him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh." Matthew 2:10-11

BASILICA OF THE NATIVITY, Manger Square, Tel. 02-2742440, Fax: 02-6282048

January 6th, 2105
4.30 Coptic Mass at the Armenian Altar of the Nativity
8.30 The Syrian Archbishop arrives at Manger Square
10.00 The Coptic Archbishop arrives at Manger Square
12.45 H.B. the Greek Patriarch arrives at Manger Square (Vespers, Liturgy ends at 15.30)
13.00 Syrian first Liturgy and Exaltation of the Holy Cross in The Grotto
14.30 Coptic Vespers
15.00 Syrian Vespers
22.30 Greek Matins
22.40 Syrian Mid-Night and morning official Order Prayers
23.00 Coptic Mid-Night and morning official Order Prayers
00.00 Greek Service, ends at 3.30 am

Note: The ROMANIAN CHURCH (Tel. 02-6263034, Fax: 02-6264628) participates in all liturgies and prayers of the Greek Orthodox Church.

ETHIOPIAN CHURCH - ETHIOPIAN MONASTERY OF PEACE-CHURCH OF EYESUS, Milk Grotto Street, Tel. 02-6282848, Fax: 02-6264189

January 6th, 2015
15.00 Arrival at the Manger Square and procession to the Church of Eyesus
16.00 Vespers till 5.00 pm
20.45 Bells, prayers
21.50 Laudes (Mahlet)
00.00 Midnight Liturgy (Kidassie)

January 7th, 2015
6.00 Dispersal or completion of the Festivity

BASILICA OF THE NATIVITY, Manger Square, Tel. 02-2742410

January 18th, 2015
11.00 Arrival of H.B. the Armenian Patriarch on Manger Square
14.00 Entry in the Basilica of Nativity – Vespers and Christmas Eve Mass
22.00 Armenian Midnight Service, ends at 1.00 am

January 19th, 2015 (Feast of Epiphany starts)
1.00 Blessing of the Holy Water & Episcopal High Mass in the Grotto
6.00 End

GREEK CHURCH - CHURCH OF THE HOLY SEPULCHRE, Old City, Tel. 02-6284202, Fax: 02-6282048

January 6th, 2015:
23.00 Midnight Service

ROMANIAN CHURCH, Shivtei Israel Street 46, Jerusalem, Tel. 02-6263034, Fax: 02-6264628

January 6th, 2015:
19.00 Vespers

Jan. 7th - 9th, 2015:
9.00 Holy Liturgy

RUSSIAN CHURCH (MOSCOW MISSION), Russian Compound, Tel. 02-6252565, Fax: 02-6256325

January 6th, 2015:
17.00 Vespers at Holy Trinity Cathedral

January 7th, 2015:
00.00 Divine Liturgy – Holy Trinity Cathedral

ST. JAMES CATHEDRAL, Armenian Orthodox Patriarchate Road, Tel. 02-6282331

January 25th, 2015:
17.00 Vespers in St. James Cathedral


January 18th, 2015:
13.00 Eve of the Nativity

January 26th, 2015:
8.30 High Mass

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