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  1. ***All Catholic priests must present their Celebret card at the sacristy upon arrival, even if not requested by the sacristan.
  2. Please note that it is only possible to request one Mass in The Holy Sepulchre.
  3. Please note that we charge $5.00 per booking, $5.00 per change of booking or cancellation and a penalty fee of $20.00 if the group is a no-show to one of their bookings, to be paid at our office in Jaffa Gate - Old City - Jerusalem. Our hours are Mon.-Fri. 9:00 -13:00, or you can pay by bank transfer, but please note the minimum amount is $20.00. *Please advise mode of payment and if needed, I will send you the details.
  4. **The fee should not be confused with any donations to be left at the churches, as is the norm.
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